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Golf Event Contests

Indoor Golf Simulator Closest to pin (additional fee)

When available Whitney Oaks will provide a space for your indoor golf simulator contest. A selected hole will be used from the library of courses (ex. #7 at Pebble Beach) The golfer that hits his or her shot closest the pin is awarded the winner.  A digital leaderboard is created and this is sure to be fun for everyone!

Closest To The Pin

This is a popular golf event contest to have for any size group. Whitney Oaks will provide a proximity sign marker for your contest. This is typically held on par threeís. The golfer that hits his or her shot closest the pin is awarded the winner. Some groups will have separate contests for men and ladies but it is not always necessary.

Longest Drive

This is similar to the closest to the pin contest. In this golf contest the prize is awarded to the player who hits the longest drive on a designated hole. Again, Whitney Oaks will provide the proximity sign marker for you. The winning drive must remain in the fairway. It is often recommended that a separate contest be held for men and women for this type of event.

Straightest Drive

In this contest, a line is drawn down the center of the fairway with either chalk or rope. The winner is designated by the player who hits his or her tee shot closest to the line. Distance is not the objective here, accuracy is!

Chip into the Pool

This golf event contest is held near the 9th green. For $10 each participant is given three opportunities to chip a ball into a pool that is floating in the lake. Whitney Oaks will provide the golf balls for your contest. Those who succeed will receive an equal share of all entry fees in the form of golf shop gift certificates.

Putting Contest

This is a very popular contest to hold before the start of your event and can be setup in several ways. Contestants will have the opportunity to compete in a three, six, or nine hole putting championship with the lowest total score claiming victory; or the participants will have one attempt to drain a 40-foot putt, with the winner being the sole participant to make the putt or the one whose ball comes to rest closest to the cup.

Hit the Green

For this contest the object is obviously to Hit the Green! The participants can wager any amount of money from $5 to $100. We do our Hit the Green Las Vegas style. If the participant hits his or her shot onto the green, they will be awarded double their wager in golf shop gift certificates. If they do not hit the green, they get their wager back in golf shop gift certificates. So, you canít lose! This is a fun way for your participants to earn a shopping spree.

Create Your Own Golf Events/Formats

It is our pleasure to assist you in creating any special contests you may want to have for your event.