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Keith Lyford

Golf Professional

Phone: 916.412.3714

Keith Lyford teaches at Whitney Oaks Golf Course from mid-October through May, then he serves as the Director of Instruction at the Golf Academy at Old Greenwood in Lake Tahoe during the summer months. This is Keith's 5th year teaching at Whitney Oaks Golf Course in Rocklin, CA. Keith has helped thousands of golfers improve their golf game with his private lessons, golf schools, golf clinics and golf tips. Keith started his teaching career at the Arnold Palmer Junior Academy. Since then, he has been the director of several major golf schools such as the Stratton Golf School, the Cranwell Golf School, the Golf Digest School, Harmon Golf School and the Lyford Scottsdale Golf School. Now in Northern California year round, Keith continues to help golfers swing better, score lower, and enjoy the game more. No one is more qualified to assist you with your golf instruction needs. Keith Lyford is the Sacramento region's only Top 100 Teacher. In fact, Keith has been selected as one of the nationís Top 100 Teachers by Golf Magazine for 17 straight years (including 2015). Thatís quite an honor when you consider that there are more than 28,000 PGA of America golf professionals. GOLF Magazine selects only the 100 most elite among them as the best golf teachers to help you lower your golf scores, improve your golf swing, hammer the ball longer and putt the lights out. In addition to being one of the nationís top instructors, Keith is an outstanding player. As a former PGA Tour player, he is in rare company as both an accomplished player and teacher. Keith breaks the old adage that if you canít play, you teach. For more information please visit Keith's website at